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Two years.


why do you have to pay to get the game

this game looks amazin, i hope you plan on adding a male player version tho

I have a problem with the game, what I need to do to unlock the "DOG TOY" challenge?

I get knocked down 8 times and I didn't get the challenge.

You have to let the dog "knot" you (ie: cum). I recommend using anaphrodisiacs to keep your libido (the heart %) low.


Can there maybe be dickgirl stuff, maybe even dickgirl-on-male stuff, in a future version?

How to use MOD?

would love to see a demo version. :D

if you do end up making one perhaps limit the area to only the first area and the first 4 ememys that you fight or more depending on your decision.

Any chance a demo is going to be made? i would love to try the game before purchasing The link for the discord if you need it.

when I try to accept it on pc it says unable to accept, when I try on phone it says link expired.


Discord isn't accepting the invite with the link at the top of the page. Anyone have a fix?

(-1) Link for the discord.

Just tried it and for some reason the desktop app wont accept it but when I continue on a browser it works not under my main account. I don't know why I've never even been in the discord so I couldn't have been banned or blocked. Is there any requirements to join?   

No requirements at all as far as people know. ;P

I've been trying to join the discord with the link but each time it gives "whoops unable to accept invite" any ideas why this happens?

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Where does jacky appear? 

How do you make Jacky appear?


Turn on all 3 power switches and then head to the far right of the map and buy the door.

Thank you for this!

If you want the latest news about this game, you should check out the developer's discord. That's where you see the community mods and changes. I don't even play this unmodded anymore since some of the mods are pretty cool.

Thx for the info. ^^

Can't get in the discord for some reason.

does anyone have news on the developer or if they have any plans to let the community mod the game further?


its really good i hope perveloper is doing good 

i love this game it reminds me of the old days of CODWAW zombies 

Very fun! Absolutely worth the $5.


It would be cool if you make a mobile version (the game is cool, I'm not forcing you to make a mobile port)

Just wondering if you have any thoughts on making this multiplayer?


the idea has been tossed around in the discord a few times. but the dev is currently in a difficult situation for development. 

plus I'm not entirely sure how that would work... if at all.

(you'd need to add server hosting... rework the whole menu to actually include the option... consider lag compensation for animations... player movement/interactions.... i could go on and on about how much work you'd need to do but i don't really want to type a huge paragraph.)

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 is there a way to turn off the animations they really break the flow of the gameplay


disabling the animations as an option would kinda take too much out of it. and how do you suppose that works?

(I'm saying this because i don't think you understand how game development actually works. it's not just "push this button and the animations are gone"... you'd need to change the entire structure of the game itself to get that to even remotely work.


"Yes I like that"

how to do you remove the headhumper?


The jet of flames coming out of the pipe in the hallway


Love the game, Hate the ending, Please change it, so much time spent for what<No spoilers oc> also it is quite tough to get started in but im assuming that was planned


Hey small question, I believe I saw someone playing this game with a male character instead of the female one shown in all the images, is that available in game or is it a mod?

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It's a femboy mod and you can get in the discord. ^-^

hope that helped. whoever disliked for me helping. screw you.

I'm not getting the Samus achievement(dodge 50 energy blasts). I counted up to fifty and kept going twice as long after. I've been dodging into the blasts and only counted the ones where my body visually goes through it.

You should Dodge 50 unique blasts, same goes to other achievements.

I purchased and I cannot download it. Everytime I download it, it disappears right away. I looked it up and it said it was a firewall thing. I disabled my firewall and tried and still the same thing. Not sure what else I can do


im having problems joining the discord. i got hacked on discord a while back.

Deleted 59 days ago
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You are all perverts!


Yes I am :)


why so many downvotes? What did I say?


Your commenting that on a porn game. No one likes someone who points the obvious out.


Capt. Obvious to the rescue!

Deleted 84 days ago

Wish there were some human enemies to fight against.


We need an apk port so people on Android can play .


does anyone know how to get a modded version of this game?


on the discor


discord won't accept the invite with the url on the page


Can’t join the discord unfortunately. Easily my most loved action h-game but since there probably wont be any updates I would have liked to check out the mods, but there doesn’t seem to be anything reuploaded outside discord. Can anyone help?


i got the mods add me on discord elgrifos#0072

Can you send other download links? Discord can't get on! Thank you very much.


Anyone else having issues downloading? Using WinRAR and chrome, just says removed if I download it

It's your antivirus, disable it when downloading then enable after or make an exception.

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Hey, what is first door code? Where can i find it?. I can't even get out of first room... Please help :/

do not worry about the door. that is end game. interact with everything else

To get the code you need all the achievements in the game.




you played a game where you get rped by five nights at freddy's electronics...


you literally SUPPORT this game.... dawg its about r ape do u not have a mother figure?


do you not have anything else better to do than spam shitty comments?

Grow up nerd.


I've got to say, as many others have before, this is the best integration of sexual content into a video game.  I'm not sure how, but I think it has something to do with a "failure state" mentality a lot of other games have.  Other games have the same "escape" function as Captivity, but it can be brutally difficult to get back up once you're knocked down.  Captivity allows for much more of a chance to rally, assuming the enemy hasn't gotten to critical mass.

In addition, for those one-handed players, as it is a wave-based shooter, it will always have a guarantee of sexual content with whichever enemy you choose, rather than making you wait potentially hours to get the encounter you want, like in some RPGs or action platformers.

There are, of course, issues with the core mechanics of the game, but as a what is closer to a tech demo than a feature-complete game, I think it stands out far above the rest.  The level and enemy variety is extremely well-done, and the clear attention to detail makes this $5 abandonware (hopefully only temporarily) an easy recommend.

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"this is the best integration of sexual content into a video game." I'm sorry what..

have you even seen any of the other games out there?... this is by far not "the best"... kinda seems like you're pushing the boat out for attention. 

you talk like you legitimately wrote a script out... did someone pay you to say this or?... I'm genuinely curious...

Edit: you don't even have the game?


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Read dev log. TLDR; probably not, but maybe a new game in the future™️.


This game is awesome! I play it on my pc once in a while. I wish you guys made an android version!

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this game is something else.

from the porn games I've played some had one thing lacking 


the sex is nasty and nice but when it comes down to it

the difficulty is pretty tough but I don't play casual I'm not a game journalist 

It keeps pulling me back the way you get assaulted adds a whole new thing its a shame that this project is finished its has so much I don't play it for the scenes anymore its legitimately fun so instead of saying the same thing this game is worth it for 5 bucks just wish more could be added

you may not care about what I say but this game gets a 8.5 out of 10

from me


the fact you're not having fun is kinda your own issue?...

but fair you're supporting the game. if not directly by buying the game?... just commenting? (don't really understand why?)

but support is support.

and you're not a game journalist yet... you type like one?

are you in the discord? I'm curious. 


I did not want to come across as mean before, I'm sorry I didn't mean too be so judgmental I'm kind of new at this, but after months of playing this game I can with confidence stand by this game, It is fun,

the naughty bits are sexy and the game is a challenge but when it gives you the tools (guns and drugs) to survive against your unyielding foes but the question remains. do you want to?

Don't you want to succumb to the pleasure of the flesh. Or do you want see what's beyond the door before you when you wake

I have bought the game and from the best i can say in my own experience from playing its very fun. i have played quite a bit before writing this and it is worth the price I am quite sad its not being updated but its a really solid game just my imagination just thinks what this game could be if we had online coop now that would be interesting

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co-op would be a hard one to work around... fun idea though.

and no apology needed. i just felt like you were being a little unfair by judging based on how the game looks, not by how it plays (glad you specified... even though it could entirely be a skill issue. ^^) the base game is hard, kind of. i play with mods so it's harder and i don't really have any trouble, but everyone has a different play style i guess.


the discord isn't working and I heard there are mods, how do I get them?


please add a "filthy casual mode" we need it desperately

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