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Wake up. Put on your clothes.
Start shooting.

Trailer (NSFW): https://www.xvideos.com/video59866893/captivity_18_gameplay_trailer_h_game

Discord server: https://discord.gg/cZ6qAZpUHv


Captivity is an adult, erotic action game in which you need to fight waves of sexually driven enemies.

In Captivity you will: run, dodge, climb, shoot, kill, find and buy guns, inject yourself with drugs and expose yourself to hostile enemies to survive and complete challenges. There are 5 levels with 20 enemies in total that will provide a though challenge for you! Every enemy has in-game H-animations for you to discover. There are over 20 guns to choose from: find your favorites and explode some heads! Worried you might get defeated (among other things?): inject yourself with some drugs to save your skin! Try to reach higher waves to get new highscores. Try to complete over 75 interesting challenges (experiments) to unlock new clothes, and to regain your freedom!


Succeeding can prove to be difficult, however. You are a sensitive character... the exploits of hostile enemies may make you 'unable' to continue to fight for your freedom. Get attacked and fucked too much and you might not be able to escape their clutches... get attacked and fucked even more and they might break your mind. Some enemies may take it even further... especially if you are fertile enough.

You need to watch your Strength, Pleasure and Libido meters:

  • Got punched and slapped around too much? Your Strength might drain to the point of not being able to resist an enemy's sexual advances.
  • Got fucked too much? Your Libido might increase to the point where an
    enemy's fingering and thrusting will make your Pleasure go up rapidly. Some Anaphrodisiac will solve this nicely, if you got the money.
  • Enjoying the sex too much? Your Pleasure might reach the point of climax, making you lose a Heart.

Losing your last Heart will cause you to break your mind. Everyone can exploit you and your body as they please... Go ahead and watch as your hero is getting defiled, or: escape the scene and wake up in your room to try it all over again.


You can't defend yourself with your tender bare knuckles, can you? That's why you need some firepower. Find Weapon Cases and Weapon Vendors to buy guns and ammo. Vendors open at the end of each wave and close again at the start of a new wave.

Experiment with all the distinct weapons to see which ones fit you the best. Shooting certain bodyparts, like heads, will cause your enemies to take more damage. Watch your ammo though, you don't want to get caught with your pants down.

Enemies start coming at the start of each wave. Each consecutive wave will make the enemies stronger and higher in numbers.

Most enemies try to rush you down and hit you as much as they can. Getting hit by attacks will decrease your Health. When your Health meter reaches 0, you will faint and be unable to do anything and become completely exposed: you don't want that to happen (do you?). Some enemies are more clever and like to, for example, catch you off-guard or lay traps. Enemies will try to grab you and start fucking you as often as they can. Watch your back, and don't get overwhelmed!

Hmm... an experiment is asking you to have sexual intercourse with someone? How terrible!.. Press 'S' to Expose yourself to immediately start getting fucked by that special someone, without the need of getting beat down first.

Oh no, you've gotten yourself cornered? No worries, you are pretty nimble! Dash through enemies to evade attacks and quickly cover ground to get yourself in a more desirable position. Watch your Stamina though, you can't Dash if you are too tired!

Sometimes the floor you are on is too densely packed with drooling, horny monsters. Escape the danger by climbing on ledges to reach higher floors.

Tired? Weak? Horny? We got you covered! Different kinds of drugs can be purchased at the Drug Vendor. Regenerate your Health with some Morphine, or lower your Libido with some Anaphrodisiac.

Experiments and rewards

Just killing is not enough. You are asked to perform over 75 Experiments (challenges) that involve you killing, surviving and fucking. You will receive Clothes as rewards for every Experiment you complete. Head over to your Wardrobe to proudly equip and show-off the new bikini you just unlocked! You can also change your skin color and eye color.

After completing all Experiments, you will receive the code to the keypad that unlocks the door that had once restricted you from leaving. Embrace your freedom once more...

Developer note

If this game is played and liked enough, I'm planning to add atleast 2 new stages with 4 new enemies each. Perhaps I will add new weapons and drugs as well.


At the moment:
Platforms: Windows (perhaps Linux and MacOS too in the future. Maybe even Android too)
Supported & tested resolutions: 1366x768, 1920x1080 (please scream at me (Perveloper) if you'd like more resolutions to support)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, NSFW, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Unity, Zombies
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Just wondering if you have any thoughts on making this multiplayer?

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 is there a way to turn off the animations they really break the flow of the gameplay


"Yes I like that"

how to do you remove the headhumper?


The jet of flames coming out of the pipe in the hallway


Love the game, Hate the ending, Please change it, so much time spent for what<No spoilers oc> also it is quite tough to get started in but im assuming that was planned

Hey small question, I believe I saw someone playing this game with a male character instead of the female one shown in all the images, is that available in game or is it a mod?


It's a femboy mod you can get in the discord. ^-^

I'm not getting the Samus achievement(dodge 50 energy blasts). I counted up to fifty and kept going twice as long after. I've been dodging into the blasts and only counted the ones where my body visually goes through it.

You should Dodge 50 unique blasts, same goes to other achievements.

I purchased and I cannot download it. Everytime I download it, it disappears right away. I looked it up and it said it was a firewall thing. I disabled my firewall and tried and still the same thing. Not sure what else I can do


im having problems joining the discord. i got hacked on discord a while back.

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You are all perverts!


Yes I am :)


why so many downvotes? What did I say?


Your commenting that on a porn game. No one likes someone who points the obvious out.


Capt. Obvious to the rescue!

Deleted 12 days ago

Wish there were some human enemies to fight against.


We need an apk port so people on Android can play .


does anyone know how to get a modded version of this game?


on the discor


discord won't accept the invite with the url on the page


Can’t join the discord unfortunately. Easily my most loved action h-game but since there probably wont be any updates I would have liked to check out the mods, but there doesn’t seem to be anything reuploaded outside discord. Can anyone help?


i got the mods add me on discord elgrifos#0072

Can you send other download links? Discord can't get on! Thank you very much.


Anyone else having issues downloading? Using WinRAR and chrome, just says removed if I download it

It's your antivirus, disable it when downloading then enable after or make an exception.

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Hey, what is first door code? Where can i find it?. I can't even get out of first room... Please help :/

do not worry about the door. that is end game. interact with everything else

To get the code you need all the achievements in the game.




you played a game where you get rped by five nights at freddy's electronics...


you literally SUPPORT this game.... dawg its about r ape do u not have a mother figure?


I've got to say, as many others have before, this is the best integration of sexual content into a video game.  I'm not sure how, but I think it has something to do with a "failure state" mentality a lot of other games have.  Other games have the same "escape" function as Captivity, but it can be brutally difficult to get back up once you're knocked down.  Captivity allows for much more of a chance to rally, assuming the enemy hasn't gotten to critical mass.

In addition, for those one-handed players, as it is a wave-based shooter, it will always have a guarantee of sexual content with whichever enemy you choose, rather than making you wait potentially hours to get the encounter you want, like in some RPGs or action platformers.

There are, of course, issues with the core mechanics of the game, but as a what is closer to a tech demo than a feature-complete game, I think it stands out far above the rest.  The level and enemy variety is extremely well-done, and the clear attention to detail makes this $5 abandonware (hopefully only temporarily) an easy recommend.

"this is the best integration of sexual content into a video game." I'm sorry what..

have you even seen any of the other games out there?... this is by far not "the best"... kinda seems like you're pushing the boat out for attention. 

you talk like you legitimately wrote a script out... did someone pay you to say this or?... I'm genuinely curious...


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Read dev log. TLDR; probably not, but maybe a new game in the future™️.


This game is awesome! I play it on my pc once in a while. I wish you guys made an android version!

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this game is something else.

from the porn games I've played some had one thing lacking 


the sex is nasty and nice but when it comes down to it

the difficulty is pretty tough but I don't play casual I'm not a game journalist 

It keeps pulling me back the way you get assaulted adds a whole new thing its a shame that this project is finished its has so much I don't play it for the scenes anymore its legitimately fun so instead of saying the same thing this game is worth it for 5 bucks just wish more could be added

you may not care about what I say but this game gets a 8.5 out of 10

from me


the discord isn't working and I heard there are mods, how do I get them?


please add a "filthy casual mode" we need it desperately

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Difficulty in my opinion is fine, atleast so far that I have played (fully completing shack and not touching basically anything else [yet])


Ok completely retract the statement, very tough, I get what the comment below mine means now. Still, it is what it is


Man, this game is disappointing... the difficulty really ruins it for me, especially since this is a pr0n game.


Lol noob

Is best lewd game I think.

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I've played better pr0n games that I didn't need to spend money on. This is an unfinished, unbalanced game, with oral pregnancy being the only type of pregnancy.

I'm glad you like it, but seeing that you lack proper grammar, your opinion is invalid to me.


Actually, I'm quite articulate in the manner that I speak when engaged in proper dialogue. However, on the internet many people speak in a simpler manner, as it is a less formal medium.

Additionally, people have uploaded it for free. And most people would consider it morally acceptable to freely acquire a paid game if it has been completely left behind by its developer.

That, I definitely agree with. If I knew this game was abandoned, I would've searched for a free version, as I feel like I've wasted my money here.

the game is postponed... not out of development. 

and the reason the game isn't free is it's basically supporting the dev financially.

he just needs a better situation to work on it. the devlog explains that in the discord.


only one gender or?


join the discord, someone made a femboy mod you can use, it's not much but it's something lol.

Can you post a link on here the discord link on this page is dead.

i don't know what to tell you, the link works fine for me. i left and rejoined just now using the link on this page. perhaps it's only for people who bought the game?

bought the game and it wont work


kinda tuff hows its going on a year w/o updates D:

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It is a kinda good game, but frustrating for an adult game:

1 - There is no gallery
2 - It's kinda hard for a hentai game, even in the casual difficulty
3 - It is a wave shooter game, but there are no permanent upgrades, addons, or leveling up , Which are the trademark of this type of game!
4 - The enemies have instant reaction, if you jump to a platform, they jump at the same time you are jumping, for example.

So it is a very hard hentai game with no gallery and (SPOILER) a Very frustrating ending. I do not

While I don't think the five dollars I spent was wasted, I do think the developer could at least put out a demo version.


did you not buy the syringes?

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Of course I bought. How do you think I saw the ending? The upgrades and leveling up that I said are a trademark of wave shooters are the permanent ones.


1. how do i do stone lady

2. how do i get the headhumper off


1. after killing enemies they can drop some statues, tou can grab them and place them in the stone lady with E, i think there are 4 statues in total

2. there is a broken pipe that releases fire, jump into it when you have the head humpe




Wwhich gobs drop stauses


all of them, each type has an associated statue


How do you pass all of the challenges that requires you to get raped by Jenny, Sunny, and Abby; and also reach level 10? They are named (Happy, Sassy, & Lively)


I might be too late, but imma answer anyway. You have to keep your lust low by buying and using anti-aphrodisiacs from the vending machine on the far right side of the map. I don't recommend trying to do those challenges all in 1 go, though I'm sure it can be done with enough skill.


New Level Idea.

Aquatic theme.
I thought it would be cool to have an Water level of some sort. The rest is up to you ;).

The game is well built and really good. Does have a couple 'bugs' get it? Its because there is a bug/glitch in the Cave level. ;)


Oh, you poor innocent soul. We've been on hiatus for almost a year now. I don't think we'll be getting anything new. But, you can join the discord and check out the mods that some other fans made!

Anyone who has played or has thought of playing this game is far from innocent lol

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the Dog Toy experiment why i cant finish 

how can i do


The easiest method is using the "Anophrodisiac"

Every time you are under 10% libido then use the Expose button on the Hell hound. Let the animation finish, repeat and continue till you do it 8 times (Which is the heart). Try killing most if not all the Zombies first so its easier for you. (Recommend using Modes 'Casual' and 'Normal').

oh very thanks ,this problem puzzle me so lone.

Hey Perveloper. I'm a fellow dev. I thought your game was really cool. Where is the best place to contact you? Followed.

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he has a discord


Game certainly worth its money. Though it is really disappointing that dev set it on-hold. But we do understand your current situation and hope you'll get back to finish it one day, but good luck with their studies now!


this game is like there would be impragnation for massive way cumflation and other things

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I bought this game recently and when I want to play it, it's usually stuck on the loading screen, any idea on how to fix this issue?

game forces you to lag to such a point that you do practically no damage and hardly can even move while the NPC's move as normal guaranteeing them to catch you. there fore making you loose.


Really cool game

So im kinda stuck. What is the strat for the hypnosis experiment? Also digging through the games files i never found the door code and im dying to know whats behind the door lol.


Which door? What level?

Not really in a level, but the door he's referring to is a keypad-locked door to the far right side of the room you wake up in when you start the game. It's the one with the computer and wardrobe. I won't spoil what's on the other side of it, but I'll just say you're not really missing anything. To get the code (which is different for everyone, so only your code will work for your game) you have to unlock all other achievements.

I stocked up on 6 anaphrodisiacs and took one right before it grabs me. you can get hypnotized 10 times per heart that way

Deleted 174 days ago

It is mostly inspired by the easter egg in Sonic CD. I really like creepy easter eggs in games, especially when they are eerie and ambiguous. And yeah bizarreness is what I was going for. A complete shift in pace and feel relative to the game itself

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