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Wake up. Put on your clothes.
Start shooting.

Trailer (NSFW): https://www.xvideos.com/video59866893/captivity_18_gameplay_trailer_h_game

Discord server: https://discord.gg/cZ6qAZpUHv


Captivity is an adult, erotic action game in which you need to fight waves of sexually driven enemies.

In Captivity you will: run, dodge, climb, shoot, kill, find and buy guns, inject yourself with drugs and expose yourself to hostile enemies to survive and complete challenges. There are 5 levels with 20 enemies in total that will provide a though challenge for you! Every enemy has in-game H-animations for you to discover. There are over 20 guns to choose from: find your favorites and explode some heads! Worried you might get defeated (among other things?): inject yourself with some drugs to save your skin! Try to reach higher waves to get new highscores. Try to complete over 75 interesting challenges (experiments) to unlock new clothes, and to regain your freedom!


Succeeding can prove to be difficult, however. You are a sensitive character... the exploits of hostile enemies may make you 'unable' to continue to fight for your freedom. Get attacked and fucked too much and you might not be able to escape their clutches... get attacked and fucked even more and they might break your mind. Some enemies may take it even further... especially if you are fertile enough.

You need to watch your Strength, Pleasure and Libido meters:

  • Got punched and slapped around too much? Your Strength might drain to the point of not being able to resist an enemy's sexual advances.
  • Got fucked too much? Your Libido might increase to the point where an
    enemy's fingering and thrusting will make your Pleasure go up rapidly. Some Anaphrodisiac will solve this nicely, if you got the money.
  • Enjoying the sex too much? Your Pleasure might reach the point of climax, making you lose a Heart.

Losing your last Heart will cause you to break your mind. Everyone can exploit you and your body as they please... Go ahead and watch as your hero is getting defiled, or: escape the scene and wake up in your room to try it all over again.


You can't defend yourself with your tender bare knuckles, can you? That's why you need some firepower. Find Weapon Cases and Weapon Vendors to buy guns and ammo. Vendors open at the end of each wave and close again at the start of a new wave.

Experiment with all the distinct weapons to see which ones fit you the best. Shooting certain bodyparts, like heads, will cause your enemies to take more damage. Watch your ammo though, you don't want to get caught with your pants down.

Enemies start coming at the start of each wave. Each consecutive wave will make the enemies stronger and higher in numbers.

Most enemies try to rush you down and hit you as much as they can. Getting hit by attacks will decrease your Health. When your Health meter reaches 0, you will faint and be unable to do anything and become completely exposed: you don't want that to happen (do you?). Some enemies are more clever and like to, for example, catch you off-guard or lay traps. Enemies will try to grab you and start fucking you as often as they can. Watch your back, and don't get overwhelmed!

Hmm... an experiment is asking you to have sexual intercourse with someone? How terrible!.. Press 'S' to Expose yourself to immediately start getting fucked by that special someone, without the need of getting beat down first.

Oh no, you've gotten yourself cornered? No worries, you are pretty nimble! Dash through enemies to evade attacks and quickly cover ground to get yourself in a more desirable position. Watch your Stamina though, you can't Dash if you are too tired!

Sometimes the floor you are on is too densely packed with drooling, horny monsters. Escape the danger by climbing on ledges to reach higher floors.

Tired? Weak? Horny? We got you covered! Different kinds of drugs can be purchased at the Drug Vendor. Regenerate your Health with some Morphine, or lower your Libido with some Anaphrodisiac.

Experiments and rewards

Just killing is not enough. You are asked to perform over 75 Experiments (challenges) that involve you killing, surviving and fucking. You will receive Clothes as rewards for every Experiment you complete. Head over to your Wardrobe to proudly equip and show-off the new bikini you just unlocked! You can also change your skin color and eye color.

After completing all Experiments, you will receive the code to the keypad that unlocks the door that had once restricted you from leaving. Embrace your freedom once more...

Developer note

If this game is played and liked enough, I'm planning to add atleast 2 new stages with 4 new enemies each. Perhaps I will add new weapons and drugs as well.


At the moment:
Platforms: Windows (perhaps Linux and MacOS too in the future. Maybe even Android too)
Supported & tested resolutions: 1366x768, 1920x1080 (please scream at me (Perveloper) if you'd like more resolutions to support)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(474 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, NSFW, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Unity, Zombies
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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plzzzz a free version


dude it's a five dollar game that has some real TLC put into it, just buy the game you won't regret it.

The game is pretty unique. it's very sad that the developer gave up on it. as for passing some of the hard challenges in the game there are some methods that you can change values like your money or life ... with the help of cheat engine. if you interested to use cheat engine there are many tutorials on how to use it and its fairly easy. even the program itself has some tutorial for how to using it. sorry for bad English my language is Persian.

Same, I still play this game trying to complete challenges. This game has a lot of potential, I wouldn't just let it go to waste in my opinion.

oooh me too, I'm stuck at the space station and there is the samus challenge i couldn't do it nor the hypnosis challenge any advice? and TBH i think samus challenge is glitched i dashed through up to 70 energy blasts and i still couldn't get the achievement and for the hypnosis challenge i tried so hard i only get hypnostised  at 0.0% lust still i lose at the end 


I was just reading the update log; are you really not going to update or work on the game anymore? I understand why, but you see these online personalities keep their identity secret for years- even decades up until they unveil themselves. So, if you really liked making this game and kept from talking about it, there shouldn't be a reason to abandon something you liked. I get not wanting to be labeled a perv and such, it's just sad seeing a good game fall out of development, even if it is a lewd game. I hope that you'll find a job and return to this masterpiece. gods speed you beautiful human, gods speed.

Hmm can you do a mobile ver my pc cant handle the fps

So uh.. does anyone have a 100% save of this game because I can't finish the caves level due to the weird egg hatching glitch

Wish we could get a city level if the developer updates the game again.

I can't access the discord, is the link broken?


too difficult for h game lol, and no gallery??

Very good, would recommend buying. will we be seeing an updated version coming or is this the final product? 


The developer has stepped away from the game leaving it at its final point in development. Still good for where its at though honestly.

Hey, do you thinking of put in the game a co-op function...like aplayer 2 than control with the arrows and shoot with different controls or what...i really like that idea and is very fun if you add that...the game is very good,really keep going and dont surrender,you can do it 

PD:finish the university men,dont worry about us

The game breaks for me when an egg hatches. Then my charakter model has no animations and enemys stop attacking. Is this a known issue or is my instalation broken?

Don't understand what this game does list pregnancy?





The author of this game, how to find out the door code in the menu?


Have every single achivement

are you going to make a Mac version, I may have already bought the game without realizing my mistak

Two years.



really wish this game was updated more, it was actually really fun


why do you have to pay to get the game

this game looks amazin, i hope you plan on adding a male player version tho

I have a problem with the game, what I need to do to unlock the "DOG TOY" challenge?

I get knocked down 8 times and I didn't get the challenge.

You have to let the dog "knot" you (ie: cum). I recommend using anaphrodisiacs to keep your libido (the heart %) low.


Can there maybe be dickgirl stuff, maybe even dickgirl-on-male stuff, in a future version?


How to use MOD?

would love to see a demo version. :D

if you do end up making one perhaps limit the area to only the first area and the first 4 ememys that you fight or more depending on your decision.

Any chance a demo is going to be made? i would love to try the game before purchasing 

it is worth purchasing, but no i don't believe the dev is gonna come back

https://discord.gg/um5nhvA6UE The link for the discord if you need it.

when I try to accept it on pc it says unable to accept, when I try on phone it says link expired.


Discord isn't accepting the invite with the link at the top of the page. Anyone have a fix?


https://discord.gg/um5nhvA6UE Link for the discord.

Just tried it and for some reason the desktop app wont accept it but when I continue on a browser it works not under my main account. I don't know why I've never even been in the discord so I couldn't have been banned or blocked. Is there any requirements to join?   

No requirements at all as far as people know. ;P

I've been trying to join the discord with the link but each time it gives "whoops unable to accept invite" any ideas why this happens?

(1 edit)

Where does jacky appear? 

How do you make Jacky appear?


Turn on all 3 power switches and then head to the far right of the map and buy the door.

Thank you for this!

If you want the latest news about this game, you should check out the developer's discord. That's where you see the community mods and changes. I don't even play this unmodded anymore since some of the mods are pretty cool.

Thx for the info. ^^

Can't get in the discord for some reason.

does anyone have news on the developer or if they have any plans to let the community mod the game further?


its really good i hope perveloper is doing good 

i love this game it reminds me of the old days of CODWAW zombies 


Very fun! Absolutely worth the $5.


It would be cool if you make a mobile version (the game is cool, I'm not forcing you to make a mobile port)

Just wondering if you have any thoughts on making this multiplayer?


the idea has been tossed around in the discord a few times. but the dev is currently in a difficult situation for development. 

plus I'm not entirely sure how that would work... if at all.

(you'd need to add server hosting... rework the whole menu to actually include the option... consider lag compensation for animations... player movement/interactions.... i could go on and on about how much work you'd need to do but i don't really want to type a huge paragraph.)

(1 edit) (-5)

 is there a way to turn off the animations they really break the flow of the gameplay


disabling the animations as an option would kinda take too much out of it. and how do you suppose that works?

(I'm saying this because i don't think you understand how game development actually works. it's not just "push this button and the animations are gone"... you'd need to change the entire structure of the game itself to get that to even remotely work.


"Yes I like that"

how to do you remove the headhumper?


The jet of flames coming out of the pipe in the hallway


Love the game, Hate the ending, Please change it, so much time spent for what<No spoilers oc> also it is quite tough to get started in but im assuming that was planned


Hey small question, I believe I saw someone playing this game with a male character instead of the female one shown in all the images, is that available in game or is it a mod?

(2 edits) (+4)(-2)

It's a femboy mod and you can get in the discord. ^-^

hope that helped. whoever disliked for me helping. screw you.

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